Jan 22, 2013


I started writing this blog wishing to bring closer to you the beauty of the country that I love, whose soul I know well and feel it so special and beautiful. Finland is the part of my background and my mother's homeland. For that reason, I have two names, Finnish and Serbian ( these are my real names), but for the purposes of this blog I will use only the Finnish one. Those who do not know Finland, often say that it is the land of cold, darkness and alcohol, and this is not right, not even close to right portrait of this country. It is a land of beautiful nature, cordial people, who may not seem so at first glance, because they do not need to ingratiate, which are closed until they know somebody well, but who will confer, if you give them sometime, their hearts and souls to you. In these articles, I am trying to get this country closer to you through the stories of its people, culture, history, music, cities, villages, customs and lifestyle. I do try to write about beautiful things, so maybe someone will think that I beautify and idealize what I say about this country, but believe me, all the statistics show that this is one of  the safest countries in the world, a country with nearly eradicated corruption, high standard, regulated system, extreme social protection, perfect education system, therefore I have nothing bad to write. If one feels cold winter in northern Finland is ugly, I do not, I love winter, snow and that feeling of healthy blush while skiing. I would appreciate, if you want  to get to know Finland, to dedicate sometime to my humble blog that I write with a lot of love. I'm happy that more and more people contact me telling me topics that they are interested in and that they wish me to write about, ask for help, advice or just share impressions with me. To all of you who are visiting my blog from all over the world, I thank you for all your support, visits and time you dedicate to my work.

Sincerely yours, your Finnish host,

Tarja V. Mitrović

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Todella mielenkiintoinen, ihana ja kattava blogi <3

Ne znam da li je lepsi sadržaj bloga ili autorka. Svaka čast!Pozdrav od Beograđanina

Minulla on maailman paras sisko !!! <3

Kiitos Gabi, rakas veljeni .... <3

Poštovana Tarja,
imajući u vidu da sam skoro posetila Finsku, stigla sam do Vašeg bloga, koji me je zaista impresionirao. Ne pamtim da sam ovako uživala čitajući nečije tekstove i ne znam da li je bolji Vaš stil pisanja, način prezentacije ili vizuelni identitet sajta.

Hvala vam za ovakve reci podrske. Drago mi kada se nekome dopada ovo sto radim, a jos i draze kada cujem i da uziva u tekstovima.

Hvala od srca jos jednom.

Finsko, a nase! Lepotica.

Zdravo Tarja, blog ti je za svaku pohvali, ne pamtim da sam u skorasnje vreme naisao na nesto ovako impresivno. Ja planiram da dodjem u Finsku trajno da zivim, imam Eu pasos, finska je jedna izuzetna zemlja! Puno pozdrava, Sasa B

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